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company news about China Trading Company In The Novel Coronavirus

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China Trading Company In The Novel Coronavirus
Latest company news about China Trading Company In The Novel Coronavirus

This is another test for China and the world community after SARS. At this moment, any slamming, taunting, fanning, and gloating are all manifestations of lack of humanity. The virus does not recognize the country, nation, race, rich or poor. There is no difference in virus transmission.


The WHO and the international community highly appreciates, and fully affirms the decisive measures the Chinese government has taken to deal with the outbreak and also thank China for its tremendous efforts to curb the spread of the contagion, he said.


In response to the GVM's call, the school has delayed the start of school, and most companies have extended the Spring Festival holiday. This is not a sign of lack of confidence in controlling the virus, it is one of the measures to put people's lives first.


Apparently the novel coronavirus issue will not be resolved in short period, that the delivery will be delayed due to the novel coronavirus. We'll keep tracking the status and try our best to expedite. Sorry for the inconveniences caused and thanks for your patience.


As a powerful manufacturing company, we have enough raw materials and warehouse inventory to complete product manufacturing in a short period of time, and complete the work as soon as possible after the coronavirus has ended to achieve delivery.Keep every product safe.

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As an international enterprise, we have sincerely explained to each of my customers our current status. We don't need to whitewash or conceal anything, because we have done our best to do a good job.


I believe that the Chinese people will be able to eliminate the disease as soon as possible. Because we eliminated more severe SARS than this time in 2003, didn't we?


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