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company news about How to use ice cream machine?

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How to use ice cream machine?
Latest company news about How to use ice cream machine?

Ice cream is a dessert that is popular among diners. It has a rich variety and unique taste, and has been loved by many consumers. Especially female friends, they are also willing to eat ice cream in winter. With its unique formula and smooth taste, ice cream allows you to enjoy the deliciousness and happiness at the same time, adding energy and vitality to your life. The ice cream machine is indispensable for the production of ice cream, so how to use the ice cream machine?

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How to use ice cream machine:

1. After placing the prepared ice cream slurry for half an hour, pour it into the slurry in the bucket on the top of the ice cream machine. The slurry should not be agglomerated.

2. Start the machine and enter the automatic working mode. You can also press the cleaning button first, and then press the automatic button after the material is evenly mixed (do not take too long to clean the machine, just 1 minute).

3. In various processes, the digital screen automatically reflects the refrigeration process, and the machine automatically stops when the set temperature is reached.

4. When taking ice cream, take a cone or cup, place it at the outlet under the liquid outlet valve, press down the discharge handle, the ice cream will be squeezed out, push the handle back to close.

Note for ice cream machine:

1. The obstacles behind the ice cream machine should not be less than 30cm, otherwise the cooling speed will be affected

2. The ratio of ice cream powder and water should be blended according to the instructions of ice cream powder, not too much or too little.

3. The blending of ice cream powder and water is greater than 1:3 in the easy-freezing tank, and the cooling speed is slower if the blending ratio is less than 1:2.7.

latest company news about How to use ice cream machine?  1

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